January 31, 2019 Daryl Procinsky

Buddha Statue Lands… Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute anxiously awaits arrival

Design Revolution Ltd has been blessed to be the Design Consultant/Architect for the Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute (EBRI).  The beauty of these people is expressed in their appreciation for being Canadian and with that they have created the Westlock Meditation Center.

EBRI Retreat Attendees 2016

Good fortune placed us together at the pinnacle of their planning and building cycle and 2015 we started the development of the Westlock Meditation Master Plan.  We completed the Master Plan knowing that it was a living roadmap that would change as the vision continues to evolveā€¦ and it has evolved.

We have completed several very special building projects for the EBRI.  The latest addition to the Meditation Center is the Buddha Statue and Mausoleum, a project has been in the works for 3 years and been through several iterationsā€¦ and today we will welcome the Adida Buddha Statue!

The building while still being constructed is ready to accept the 16m Buddha statue.  The 24 tonne bronze statue was designed and fabricated in China and shipped by container in December.  The Buddha emerged from the Mandarin Arrow in Vancouver on January 28, 2019.  After clearing customs Buddha was loaded onto 2 special flatbeds and is expected to arrive at the Westlock Meditation Center Site on or before February 1, 2019. 

Mandarin Arrow docks in Vancouver January 28 2019

With everyone in Edmonton and Westlock anxiously awaiting the delivery,  Fission Media was on the Frazier Docklands documenting the arrival. This recording is part of a film documenting this momentous undertaking. This is the first statue of this size in Canada and we are very fortunate that the American donor selected the EBRI as the recipient…

Master Sculptor overseeing statue lift in Northern China

Communication between China and our team was rather challenging as we illustrated the importance of meeting the much higher Canadian Design & Safety Standards. With our experience we are ready for any remedial work that may be required upon inspection as it arrives on site. The process moved from crating in China, where the Master Sculptor blessed the Buddha prior, to preparation and shipping from Shanghai. With great care the Buddha was lifted and lowered onto flatbed trailers and permitted for transportation.

Buddha Statue Body lowered to the NIC flatbed ready for Customs Inspection

As of noon January 30, 2019, one section of the shipment was in Hope BC and progressing quickly toward Westlock.  The other section is far too large for regular shipping and has been delegated to night-time shipping and will arrive a day or so after the first piece.  Upon arrival we will have the structural welds tested and any remedial work completed as per directions of AECOM Structural Engineers.

Chinese weld of base structure requires Canadian Welding Testing Approval

Placing the statue will be a very delicate operation taking several lifts.  Ensuring precise connections and intricate welding of the statue anchors will be essential.  Northern Industrial Carriers is delivering the 2 components of the Buddha Statue and Delnor Construction Ltd is managing this carefully choreographed process.  The actual lift will be done by 3-D Crane on a tight and carefully prepared construction site.  When all is completed the final product will be regal where views from the statue elevations will reflect the sky and water, while the Mausoleum holds its own as the entry to the Westlock Meditation Center Site…

Rendering of Southwest View Across the pond
Birds eye view of Mausoleum Entry and Buddha Statue

Design Revolution Ltd is proud to serve this beautiful community!

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