A craftsman is a special breed, only appreciated by those who understand quality… I was reminded of this in Mexico as I watched some stone masons construct a stone bridge in compression solely out of stone – that was truly INCREDIBLE!  This image gives an idea of how wonderful the experience of “Crafted Design” can be! (photo 1)

My oldest friend Denis Gignac is a great craftsman, artisan and designer! He has been on a long journey to perfection, each project is an exploration of materials, tools, and exquisite details… At time he is very impatient but he is also very, very passionate about creating an emotional response to his work! – The Image of Denis testing the joint on the Maloof inspired chair illustrates perfectionism (photo 2)…

Glen Ronald is by comparison a new friend, a great artist, painter and thinker… He is one of those special people who will not compromise. Every day he makes time to do what he loves – express his emotions and experiences through painting and what a painter he is! Check out his amazing work at http://www.glenronald.com/

We challenge you to sensitize yourself to the elements in your environment… One of the most beautiful design elements is the purity of the Tee Pee. Imagine how this amazing shelter evolved, over how many generations, through so many hands, and understanding exactly how all the aspects of environment played on the evolution (photo 3)…

Like Denis, I am always exploring… each new project brings with it deep and meaningful exciting dreams and with them passionate relationships. The uniqueness of each relationship requires an individually crafted approach… Each Journey is a very exciting adventure that we cherish!

Similarly, Glenn’s the expressive spirit is part of how we ignite the undercurrents of dreams… Through the free flow of ideas, emotions, and experiences, we “paint” exquisite experiences with our work… We are always in pursuit of beauty and greatness in design.  We know that the special experiences we aspire to create can only be accomplished by the “spirit of a craftsman”!

Have a close look at in imaginings of Design Revolution as you explore our work contained within… Imagine your spirited dreams being the next new friendship we create! Find the brilliance and share it with us at www.idesignrevolution.ca

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