We love the process of Design Thinking we are so comfortable with at Design Revolution LTD.  We love the way that creative processes wash over us… It boosts our collective spirit.  We Love to Design.  To do our work with finesse we need to explore every design method, every design tool, and especially the results garnered… We are always excited to uncover new and beautiful ideas… We love all Design as we journey toward new discoveries!


  • Using Hydrocarbon Mining Byproducts to develop Lightweight Disaster Relief Structures
  • Repurposing Discarded Materials With Magnificent Solutions
  • Hydroxyls and Our Built Environment
  • Improving Modular manufacturing Solutions
  • Using Social Entrepreneurs to Re-Imagine Our Cities
  • Transforming Clients into Service Providers



  • hydroxl Solar Scape on Discovery Wellness Centre (titled)
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