Creating emotional excrescences is focal to our design.  How does the “Art” of our Architecture transform an individual for a moment… for life?

Our work challenges all the senses, we carefully choreograph the movement of our subject, we create a narrative that engages all 9 senses of our bodies.  Like a great masters work, we are careful not to over stimulate or overwhelm.  at times we

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Architectural Projects

  • MONK Studio and Gallery Molokai Hawaii
  • Buddha Statue Base and Mausoleum
  • Lotus Pagoda meditation Center
  • Hijos de Dios Foster Care Center Guatemala
  • Harmony Dining Pavilion
  • Dr Halls Studio, Shop, Sky Walk Hudson Island BC – uncovering the beauty of elevating a simple dream,
  • We are re-imagining the use for some very precious resources – bring a beautiful new life to some very pedestrian uses,
  • We created a simply graceful and beautiful transportation terminal that both calms the spirit and inspire the imagination
  • We transformed traditional campground mindset by creating intimate rustic cabin components that are relocatable anywhere on the deck that defines the usable site area
  • We created art as exercise in a park for adults that is so visually beautiful that at first glance it appears to be a large landscape sculpture
  • Growth Campus for Hyderabad India, a human ecosystem that redefines life in the staunchly class system of India
  • We have looked back at some of our historic applied research to consider how those designs benefitted the  experiences of the users: Roof Gardens, unique aspects of circulation, natural light penetrations, etc.


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