This is an excerpt from the pre-launch interview with Design Revolution…


AR:  So why do you feel we need a Design Revolution?

D:  I had been missing that something special… for the longest time I couldn’t explain it. My aspirations, my career, and my life were misaligned and in conflict – but why (image of dock says it all)?

One morning I awoke – really I was awakened, it became clear… I missed everything about “great design”, primarily the empathy required to understand.  I missed it all – everything from thinking it, to doing it to living it!

And it wasn’t only me, it was my world – the premise of our work was no longer “Design”, the word has lost its place, lost its meaning…

…so I “Revolted”, walked away from a 25 year architectural career to find people who are passionate about their dreams, and have a passion to bring magic to their passions – Those who want “DESIGN”.

AR:  Awakened…?

D:  Yes, I had been pushing so hard to build a successful Architectural practice… Without realizing it, I was pushing forward with all my energy pursuing goals that were not my passion. After running a long way down an unfamiliar path… I felt anxious – an emotion uncommon for me… I lift my head, I am lost… and what’s worse, the “passion” for how I got here had evaporated, along with my confidence and all optimism…

AR:  What was missing?

D:   I really missed connecting with people on a deeply personal level!  I missed doing “design with meaning”… I missed the challenge of creating something magical, something authentic!  I missed the fun of storytelling, I missed the fun of creating emotional experiences that go far beyond expectations!  I missed being excited to the point of being anxious about sharing a “great design idea”.  I missed being part of big thinking that actually comes to life!  I missed the true enjoyment of life: family, friends, music, food…

When I saw the light, I cut all the strings, I started to decompress, and everything hurt, my heart, my mind, my body… I realized that I just cared too much – but I left out the most important part – caring about my passion “Design”.  I begin peeling away the layers that hid my passions until I found what “brings me light”!

AR:  How did you find your way back?

D:  I like to look at it like this… by stepping off the path I “created space and time” to uncover what I passionately want to pursue. I actually built a system of values that eventually became a draft for a personal “Design Manifesto”… That was very important and it was the tool that severed my strings to the past…  I affirmed how important Design is, how much I love the journey.  I reignited my talent for Design…   I rediscovered optimism!  I rediscovered beauty!  I have become highly sensitized to every sensation and emotion! I re-exposed passionate creativity!    I re-ignite my idealistic perspicacity…

AR:  What is today like at Design Revolution?

D:  I think you need to come and experience it!

Every day is a full of magic and excitement, its like seeing through the eyes of a child (see wonderful image of Victoria questioning)! We have activated an entirely new client group… we had to in order to connect more deeply on a very personal level. Every project whether architecture, product development, strategy, or mentorship in design is an adventure full of exciting energy! The people we work with are exploring and learning in the name of “Design”…  Every design is enriched with great meaning – that meaning has been uncovered for our friends that ask us to take them on this magical journey!

You know, it’s great to give 100% effort and focus to the dream no matter what! Giving it my all- that’s all I know and all I have ever known… no more holding back (you can see in it in my eyes)!

Stand Back and Enjoy!  Here comes a Design Revolution! 

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