AT Design Revolution LTD, Design Thinking is the focus for igniting the passions of groups as we work toward fresh discovery… Often seen as a noun, design as a product, we prefer to use it as a verb – the action and energy required to embark on a journey of discovery… We like to look at it as an adventure in creativity… When we begin any project we develop a specifically tailored approach to engaging the highest level of intelligence and creativity for the greatest project outcome.  We love the use “Charrettes” to inspire the passionate and to break free of preconceived solutions… We expend long ours planning and organizing to ensure that the work is “Engaging” and that the outcomes are “Authentic” – being appropriate goes without saying

Engagement Projects

  • Rethinking Housing for Special Needs – Applied Research Charrette
  • Imagine the Classroom of the future – Design Charrette
  • Really? Creating a New Healing Environment – Design Charrette
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurism, Are You The Next Steve Jobs? – Student Engagement Forum
  • Tired Urban Infrastructure What To do? – Ideas Charrette
  • Re-developing the Winspear – what it should be! – Ideas, Planning, Design Charrette
  • Branding the new Approach to Delivering Education – Ideas Charrette
  •   Old Blocking Diagram (titled)Public Engagement (titled)Retinking the classroom (titled)
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