Today we are designing on a  Gulf Island in Beautiful British Columbia – uncovering the beauty of elevating a simple dream…

Imagine walking through barbed underbrush exposing your legs to ripping and cutting as you push to experience everything you can about the edge of land… The views, the smells the pressure as you step… the terrain, the soil makeup… everything you can possibly take in – not knowing what you are searching for… and then you find it, a new friend, looking into the near distance with a smile that you just can’t describe, and you ask what have you learned from our adventure today, he turns and says to you… I now understand “you are never too old to have a great childhood”… Now that is magic! what a great way to find the starting point for our unexpected friendship and a wonderful journey to create a very personal place… No doubt authentic! (Husdon Island discoveries)

Steves Discovery hudson island stone3 ice 2 1-hammock-300x200IMG_2647 IMG_2644 IMG_2629 IMG_2628 

find out more about our friend  Dr Steven Halls at


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