Research is the fundamental constituent of Design Revolution LTD.  The “golden age” of architecture was steeped in applied research.  Today emphasis is placed on risk aversion, layers of management and an understandable desire for predictability… Unfortunately, these needs supersede the importance of innovation.  I love activation with “tinkerers” to see what could happen!  In a sense this is “Adult Play”… The ability to question like a child and to resolve through mature methodologies… Often we mash-up or remix and invent radical new perspectives and we always aspire to “Authenticity”… Sometimes the solution is another problem each with multiple opportunities to create!

Design Research Projects

  • Explorations In To Delivering Value Through Design
  • Explorations For Repurposing Discarded Site Based Materials
  • Designing For Autism – A Collective Exploration

Delivering Value Through Design TitledTOD Plaza (titled)Delivering Value Through Design (titled)

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