A Design Revolution

Design is a magnificent journey that teaches us how to open our hearts to possibilities, to ignite the passion of our imagination, and to explore far beyond the initial destination – “Create” time and space, “Live” the intangible, “Cherish” the inexplicable, “Love” the lifelong journey to timelessness.

- Daryl Procinsky

Meaningful Collaborations

Building “Meaningful Collaborations” with you and for you, we bring our best to you.  We are passionate and focused on “re-imagining and igniting” meaningful design connections. Bringing richness through personal connection and dedication, incorporating global expertise. Collaborating with individuals, organizations, institutions, communities, and nations.  Fun, Trust, Fun, Invest Time, Fun, Sharing Adventures, Fun, Dreaming, Above All – Have Fun and DO IT!

Design Thinking

Creating new perspectives shared – unimagined solutions explored – unbelievable outcomes!  Moving spirits to engage with confidence and passion.  We draw on the emotional context of our clients through “Design Thinking”… Taking the relationships deep – very deep, sharing, exploring, discovering, and creating.  Sharing the passion of understanding holistically.  Finding simplicity and purity in the noise and complexity.  For us it is the search for the highest level of experiential quality, meaning, or simple beauty.


Taking all the time necessary – chasing shiny things!  Tasting the juicy fruit of your life through story sharing… Removing judgment – embracing eccentricities, considering eclecticism – Being sure we are true to the “real you”.  Dedicated momentum on your project sustaining creative momentum – By playing, tinkering, doing, we making things happen, old emotions surface and and we create a fusion that is “Truly Authentic”


Passion “inspires exploration”, Exploration “uncovers opportunities”, Opportunity “ignites creativity”, Creativity “drives design”, and (Great) Design enriches everything!

Daryl Procinsky

Our Collaborators

Layering personality, passion, creativity, seasoned intellect, and experienced diversity enriching ideas...

Daryl Procinsky

Daryl Procinsky

Creativity Activator View Details
Joy Procinsky

Joy Procinsky

Creativity Director View Details

Daryl Procinsky

Daryl Procinsky

Creativity Activator

My Bio is Nothing Without You and Your Dreams
Your dreams are precious… let’s protect them. To do this I listen intently, I care deeply, and I nurture their essence – dare to dream

What I do is take your dreams and nurture them until they become reality. I take the time to listen and care, I connect the experiences… I connect the emotions… I connect the desires and passions to the dreams!

Once trusted we open the doors of your imagination… We remove protective layers to expose the divine beauty within… Together we map out the adventure, we explore unexpected streams of consciousness, and we inhale deeply and dive into the magical world of Design Exploration!

Unexpected ideas surface to enhance or protect the dream… We capture the wildly imaginative… we support the comfortably pragmatic… together we capture and align the delicious variety… we test, we challenge, we color, we reinvent, we remix and we conjure… In the end we have some delightfully wonderful “tapas” to savor… together we’re sampling, testing, mixing, and exciting the senses…

The stage has been set for the “Design Revolution”! We create an alchemy that is the “elixir of life” of your life!

How Do I Know We Can Do it?

Being a Design Architect and Senior Partner with 25 years of experience, and having completed $2B projects, as well as being a registered LEED professional, and Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (FRAIC) has given me the knowledge and experience to deliver your dreams wonderfully!

I started being a ‘Jack of all Trades’ cutting design teeth at DPAL from 1992-2002.

We merged and I led the design studio while managing business development & large project work with ONPA from 2002 – 2013.

I have re-imagined design, set new objectives and created “Design Revolution” 2014 – present.

This is the highest level of growth in my Design Career, but hopefully not the last. Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!

My experience with extensive volunteer work in the profession, in the community, and with specialty business organization of critical importance to global competitiveness has helped me to develop compassion and understanding on many different levels.

Some of the projects that were the most challenging and that I am most proud of are: Urban and Campus Master Planning, Urban Infill, Community facilities, Residential and mixed use complexes, all levels of Education and University Facilities, Research/teaching Facilities, Justice Facilities, Commercial/retail Design, and Intimately personal projects – all with resounding success!

Joy Procinsky

Joy Procinsky

Creativity Director

Keeping Alignment
Our culture is one where we embrace the barrage of information, internally we jointly categorize it… almost always creating even more advanced re-mixes of the concepts with deeply layered connections and meanings – all in the name of “protecting the preciousness of your dreams”!

I am the cultural manager of Design Revolution. It is my responsibility and pleasure to be the repository for the information and retrieval. Our Collaborators on the creativity activations side of our work are in constant motion and ideas come fast and furious… To ensure that nothing is lost or forgotten they have developed systems that are specific to our methods of idea generation. It has taken years to design, test, and simplify.

I am a staunchly linear planner, with experience in many different business operations. I create the systems that are very simple to use and thus very simple to keep organized. The Creative forces need to have tools that are as fluid as they are.

When we collect, analyze, and assess the tapestry we often link further research to these concepts to provide access to precedence, technology, and especially craft. The database become very deep and very thick very quickly… Somehow we have to access and retrieve this intelligence with lightning speed – our desire is to use this work to create, build and accelerate the excitement and momentum of the iterative design events!

You rarely see me as I like to be the “Intelligence Ninja”… Have the team ready to perform, have the information in a format that is easy to access and beautify to present. Keeping you happy through a highly tuned organization is what brings magic to my career!

How Do I Know We Can Do it?
I have been that Creativity Director for a traditional Architectural Practice… I have been an executive assistance to a Director of an International Directional Drilling Company, I have been a Contract Coordinator for the Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta, and worked for the University of Alberta, and the Alberta Government.

In every position I have held I took responsibility for creating efficiencies in the use of systems. I was often charged with research and implementation of systems and policies that customized standard operations to empower the genius of individuals to perform at what they are best – remove bureaucracy and red tape

My experience in the design world, bringing your dreams to life has been the greatest adventure of my career. Knowing that you are bringing us new ideas, sharing wonderful experiences, and becoming part of our studio is a great privilege! I cherish the opportunity to become part of protecting and enhancing your original ideas. I am proud to be the pont person for the recor

Some of the projects that were the most challenging and that I am most proud of are: Urban and Campus Master Planning, Urban Infill, Community facilities, Residential and mixed use complexes, all levels of Education and University Facilities, Research/teaching Facilities, Justice Facilities, Commercial/retail Design, and Intimately personal projects – all with resounding success!

Inspiring Creativity

Specialized Passions

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