Design Revolution Ltd is DESIGN!  We extracted out talents from traditional Architectural practice to focus on  our passion for design in all its facets… Design Thinking, Human Centred Design, and Integrated Design Processes.  We are passionate about the need to play – tinkering testing and recording.  In the golden age of architecture, applied research was a necessary part of design… somewhere along the journey that has been lost –  Design Revolution Ltd is Applied Research, Experimentation, focused on Innovation… We are DESIGN THINKERS!

Design Thinking Projects

  • Designing Classroom of the Future – attacking changing needs through space designed for transformation and technology implementation acceleration
  • Creating “Real Healing” places
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurism – mentorship of young entrepreneurs focusing on “design Thinking” and “Human Centered Design” process implementation
  • Social Entrepreneurism – building communities of communities
  • With 65% of the urban infrastructure in North America approaching the end of its life expectancy what will we do with the overwhelming cost to upgrade?
  • Traditional Educational Delivery is failing – Creating An Adaptable Model For Lifelong Learning
  • Understanding the Politics Behind Massive Change!

Hubmall Light Capture Study  

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