June 11, 2018 Daryl Procinsky

A Greater Purpose – Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute Master Plan

Imagine a harmonious life, where mind, body, and spirit naturally enhance education/spirituality/humanitarian service – that is the vision for this Place, The Westlock Meditation Center, A Northern Sanctuary

Spiritual Harmony

• The Vietnamese Boat People were embraced by Canadians in 1979 and since then the Buddhists have been enriching our lives
• In Westlock a family farm was donated to become a Meditation Retreat Center. The Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute (EBRI) community has been developing

Organizational Planning

the site in a haphazard manner and needed a long term plan.
• The Master Plan is focused on the experiential nature of diversity and organizes the campus into zones of Contemplative Repose/Active Recreation/ Sacred /Reflection/Natural Exploration

• The wheels were in motion for the construction and delivery of a modular residential complex – we assisted in developing the relocation of existing modular residences, creating an inspiring communal residential experience and centering the units in a meaningful manner

• The New Residences are centered at a Pagoda that unifies the west side of the Prayer Garden linking the Meditation Center to the Old Temple/Residence with the linear Dining Hall

• In 2019  Vietnamese Community celebrates 40 years in Canada.  The EBRI will be celebrating this momentous occasion with the dedication the new Buddha Statue and Mausoleum Project.  The statue on its base will stand 21.4m or 70 feet above the ground.  The Mausoleum will embrace the statue base and house 600+ niches

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